Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dick's Final Thoughts

We are home and the experience is now in our memory. My deepest appreciation to Bill Westermann who shared the adventure with me, and to Cassandra Guay who kept the blog and took great care to be sure our every need was met. Also thank you to Scot and Grey who substituted for Cass when she was riding or taking care of things at home.

I wish I could find the right words. The final ride was shared with dearest of friends. Their presence sealed the memory for us.

This adventure was not about two men in their 60s (Okay I am 59) riding their bikes across the country. It was about encouraging people across our nation to live a healthy life and to support those with MS. There is no joy stronger than the one you feel when you live your passion for 42 days all for a cause much bigger than oneself.

Our deepest appreciation to all of you have shared our journey.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 15!

Hopkinton - Marblehead, Ma

Mark Johnson, Mark Petrozzi, Bo Adams, Mark Legere, Bill Westermann, Bill Hamilton, Geoff Hamilton with Sydney, Cassandra Guay, & Dick Tapply at bottom

Mark Petrozzi and Bill Hamilton

Bo Adams (Tyler's cousin) Geoff Hamilton (Tyler's brother)

Mark Legere and Mark Johnson

June 15! The ride from Hopkinton to Marblehead was filled with smiles, emotions and adjustment. It was all about beginning to let go of 42 days of togetherness and pondering "what's next?" But there wasn't too much time to reflect as Geoff Hamilton lead Bill, Dick, Cassandra and several dear friends, who came to celebrate the adventure, into town at a stiff pace. It all eneded where it started with our bikes in the saltwater 3800 miles away. And then we celebrated at the Hamilton's.
We dedicate our last posting to Tyler and Deirdre, since we would not be completing this great adventure if it weren't for the Tyler Hamilton Foundation. It has been an honor to be a part of such an amazing collection of individuals, all dedicated to the same purpose. For one reason or another, those involved (sometimes complete strangers), became a team. Sharing stories of their own, waking up towns across the country to the power of the bike.

Humanity in times of struggle, may well be in its finest hour...endorphins, fresh air, social connection, and alright, maybe some fine red wine. Everyone involved in the THF embraces this notion in some way, shape or form.

We would like to sincerely thank all of those involved in our journey, and the team who rode us in to Marblehead. Without you, we would not have this sense of completion and support.
Hi Uncle Tyler!
Sydney Hamilton (Geoff's Daughter)

Geoff leading the team in to Marblehead

Getting closer...

Ahhhh, the smell of salty air can only mean one thing...

closer now...

The package has arrived!

Dick, Bo, Geoff, Mark

Bill helping the team to celebrate the long journey

Once again, dipping the wheels into the Atlantic

A bitter-sweet moment

Dick letting Mom and Dad feel the Atlantic coolness. (also see photo of day 1)

Ryan Hamilton (Geoff's son) Bill and Cassandra

Haven Linehan (Jenn's daughter) Wyatt Adams (Bo's son)

Marley and Mom, Marie Anne

Matt O'keefe

Jib awaiting a sign from above

Jenn Linehan (Tyler's sister)

Marley, Dick and M.A. - happy to be together again Ever so cute Marley

Lorna and Bill (Tyler's Mom & Dad)

And all that is left is wonderful memories.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

June 14, 2007

Silas sound asleep with 4 buddies keeping watch in the background.

Richmond - Hopkinton

Kazik and his Dad (David) signing the trailer. Thanks for having us and sharing your beautiful family with us.

It's a perfect day with overcast and a light breeze. Not too hot, not too cold. Just another reason to be content.

As Dick was riding in for the last leg to his sons home, we passed THF jersey in a random parking lot so I had to pull in and see if they were one of ours, for tomorrow's grand finally. It was actually Jeff Grey and crew out for a ride after work. He was happy to see a THF pull up since he has been involved with MS Global in the past. Thanks to the crew for flashing those pearly whites for our blog. Hang tight to bike night!

A patriotic Bill.

Another long day.

Excited and ever so sweet store owners.

The motto of our trip...hey, where's the one that says, "It's all about me!" ?

Tonight we are finally getting the chance to stay with Tim, (Dick's son) Meaghan, and Tuckermans, the chewy pooch. Tuck is the new love of our lives as he wiggles his way into our hearts. There is nothing better than a dogs love.

It's good food, good wine, and darn good ginger cookies being forced down once again! We are grateful for Tim allowing us into his home just before his big marathon-another amazing athlete in the Tapply family. Thanks for the great company and for sharing your home with us.